WBC Issue at Stepney Green

Posted: Friday, March 25th, 2011 at 18:50 by Neil Watson

We have been monitoring and tracking a number of customer reports for WBC users connected to our Stepney Green node. Affected users are typically reporting an amount of packet loss on their connection. Whilst only affecting a small percentage of users, it has become apparent that there is a common cause behind this loss.

Our technical teams have been working at the highest levels within BT to ascertain the cause of the issue and some progress has been made. A distinct issue with a BRAS QoS process has been identified and BT are working to correct this, along with their equipment suppliers. This may require some users to be disconnected temporarily whilst equipment is reloaded. As soon as we have details whether this is required or not, we will make a further announcement.

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  1. Neil Watson says:

    BT have advised that the affected BRAS needs to have a QoS process restart. They have scheduled this work for midnight tonight. The restart may lead to some users being disconnected momentarily. We apologise for the short notice.

  2. Neil Watson says:

    BT have advised that the reload of the QoS process completed as planned, however monitoring has indicated that traffic is still being seen in the incorrect queues and hence packet loss is being experienced. We’re continuing to push to get a rectification as soon as possible and BT are continuing to investigate and work with us to resolve.

  3. Neil Watson says:

    Further liaison has taken place with BT, however we are unable to advise of an estimated time for resolution at this stage. Apologies to the small number of customers on the Stepney Green node that are affected, we are endeavouring to restore the service to the normal standards as soon as possible.

  4. Neil Watson says:

    We are continuing to chase for resolution of this issue and will be doing so until complete. BT are advising that several QoS parameters have been added to the affected BRAS which may have had a positive impact, we are contacting a number of affected customers to assess the impact and to gather further evidence of packet loss should it be required.

  5. Neil Watson says:

    Our testing has confirmed that the packet loss issue has been resolved by BT and customers are now not experiencing packet loss across their connections via the Stepney Green node. We will continue to monitor the situation to ensure that the issue doesn’t re-occur and will post details of the root cause analysis once supplied by BT. Apologies for the delayed resolution to this issue.

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