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Incident: VoIP Disruption

Posted: Tuesday, November 17th, 2015 at 15:01 by Ben Bliss

We are currently aware of an issue which is affecting outbound calls across our VoIP platform.
Initial investigation shows this to be down to one of our upstream providers. We are now routing calls to alternate providers while this is being investigated.
Further information will be provided as and when it becomes available.

  1. Ben Bliss says:

    We are currently awaiting further information from our affected upstream provider.

    While currently not proven, indications are that the problems being experienced are as a direct result of the power issues currently being experienced within Telecity.

    We are continuing to monitor the situation, and will provide a further update as and when additional information is available.

  2. Ben Bliss says:

    Further to the last post, connectivity to the affected upstream provider was re-established shortly before 5pm.

    However, testing has indicated there are still issues with their systems, so we have not re-established call routing to them at this time.

    We will continue to monitor the situation, and as soon as we receive information to advise the issues within their network are resolved, we will provide a further update.

  3. Ben Bliss says:

    Following further investigation and the resolution of various issues within the upstream suppliers network caused by the earlier power failure in Telecity, we are satisfied that we can now start sending calls via the affected carrier.

    As such, we have recommenced sending calls to the affected provider, and all appears to be working correctly.

    We will continue to monitor the situation and provide further updates if necessary.

Incident: Vodafone Circuits

Posted: Tuesday, November 17th, 2015 at 13:47 by Mark Yardley

We are currently aware of an issue affecting a number of Vodafone based circuits. We are working with our supplier who are currently investigating.

We will continue to work with our suppliers and publish updates as they become available.

  1. Mark Yardley says:

    The affected services have been now been restored. This incident initially appears to be a power issue at another location within Telecity Sov, however we are continuing to investigate with our suppliers.

  2. Mark Yardley says:

    Telecity have confirmed that this incident was caused by an isolated power issue. Telecity engineers are working to ensure the underlying issue is fully resolved. Until we receive confirmation from Telecity that all work has completed, previously affected services should be considered as at risk.

    Further updates will be provided as they are made available from our suppliers.

  3. Mark Yardley says:

    We are still currently awaiting an update from Telecity to confirm work has been completed and subsequently for an RFO report once that has been advised. For clarity, this power issue did not directly affect our equipment or location within Telecity, however it did impact a number of suppliers and customers who connect to us at this location.