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Email Delays

Posted: Tuesday, September 5th, 2006 at 14:30 by Neil Watson

Our mail systems are currently experiencing a heavy load and are subject to extended mail queues. Please be advised that mail sent through our systems may be delayed. Please accept our apologies and be assured that we are currently working to correct the situation.

  1. Neil Watson says:

    Our engineers have amended the configuration and mail will now flow normally, however delays of upto 30 minutes are expected whilst the backlog clears.

BT Planned Engineering Works

Posted: Tuesday, September 5th, 2006 at 13:24 by Neil Watson

BT has announced a series of engineering work that will affect around 30 DSLAM’s per night until October 2006. The schedule is split into regions of the UK as shown below.

  • Central Midlands 4th September and 5th September
  • South Midlands 6th September
  • West Midlands 7th September
  • East Midlands 8th to 13th September
  • North Scotland 14th September
  • West Scotland 15th September to 18th September
  • East Scotland 19th September
  • Wales (North) 20th September
  • Northern Ireland 21st September
  • East Anglia 22nd September to 25th September
  • South Downs 26th September
  • Southampton 27th September
  • Severn Side 28th September
  • South Wales 29th September
  • North London 2nd October
  • South London 3rd October
  • Central London 4th October
  • North Downs 5th October
  • Thamesway 6th October
  • Mid Yorkshire 9th October
  • South Lancashire 10th October
  • Lancashire 11th October
  • Liverpool 12th October
  • Manchester 12th October
  • North East 13th October
  • Cornwall 13th October

The work is part of network upgrades and will occur between midnight and 6am, with people possibly experiencing a downtime of 30 minutes on the night of the work. Therefore if your area is scheduled for work one evening and your connection drops do not panic. BT recommends that if after the outage that you cannot reconnect, that you switch your ADSL hardware off for a minute and then switch it back on. If you continue to have problems please feel free to call our support desk.

Telephone system problems

Posted: Tuesday, September 5th, 2006 at 09:27 by Neil Watson

Unfortunately we are currently experiencing some problems with our call system and are, at present, unable to take support calls. We are working on rectifying the situation as a matter of urgency and will ensure that normal service is resumed as soon as possible. As an alternative method of contact please mail, or alternatively dial 0870 770 9666 and select options as required.

  1. Neil Watson says:

    All phone system problems have now been resolved and support can be reached onthe standard number. Many thanks for you patience during this time.