DSL transfer to IPStream Connect update

Posted: Wednesday, January 14th, 2009 at 18:00 by Steve Lalonde

Further to the previous post, we have now moved the bulk of the remaining realms to IPStream Connect. Please be aware that end users need to re-authenticate in order to connect to the IPSC interconnect serving them (note that dropping the session for more than 30 seconds will be required to ensure the session is re-established on the new interconnects).  As users do so over the coming days, we expect user volumes and bandwidth demand to vary among the interconnects and to be unrepresentative of performance expected when all moved users are connected to IPSC. It is therefore possible that variable availability may be experienced, especially during off-peak hours, until such time that normal volumes are established. The ALT is operational on IPSC and will take effect whenever necessary as normal.

The interconnect graph will be adjusted to reflect the available bandwidth at each handoff (instead of a percentage of the maximum capable on the interconnect). Please note that, in the short term, the illustrated results are unlikely to be indicative of available capacity.

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