Outage: Stoke to Manchester

Posted: Wednesday, December 9th, 2009 at 17:28 by Adam Heath

We appear to have lost a link between Stoke and Manchester. We are logging this with our provider and updates will be made as and well they are available.

Traffic usually on this route is using an alternative path, there may be a small increase in latency due to the change in routing.

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4 Responses to “Outage: Stoke to Manchester”

  1. Martyn Haynes says:

    Initial indications suggest that this is related to a fibre cut in the Warrington area – we will update as soon as it is confirmed to us.

  2. Richard Partridge says:

    Our suppliers have advised that engineering work is currently underway to repair the fibre damage and restore service. No ETR has been specified as of yet. Further information will be made available as we receive it.

  3. Marc Woolfenden says:

    Our suppliers have advised that re-splicing work has been completed, however upon retest a secondary break in the fibre has been identified in the Harecastle area. As the secondary break is inside a tunnel on the rail network our suppliers are currently liaising with Network Rail in order to avoid high speed rail services entering the tunnel in order to preform the necessary work, however we have been advised that work may not be able to continue until 23:00. Our suppliers are attempting to re-route traffic around the affected bearer, however no ETA is availiable.

    Further information will be made availiable as we receive it.

  4. Richard Partridge says:

    Our suppliers have advised that repair work has been partially completed, and our network link has been restored. This incident is still ongoing however as the repair work has had to be suspended as high speed rail services have resumed.

    This link should be considered at risk until the repair work is completed, and further information will be made available as soon as we receive it.

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