Midlands based 21CN DSL connections

Posted: Wednesday, March 31st, 2010 at 09:22 by Gurinder Bansal

We are currently aware of a Major Service Outage on BT’s network which is affecting a number of 21CN based DSL connections in the Midlands region. This outage is the result of a failed BT Planned Engineering Works event which was in progress during the early hours of this morning.

BT are currently working to resolve this issue, however no ETR has been announced as of yet.

Further updates will be posted as the information is received from BT.

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  1. Marc Woolfenden says:

    A large number of sessions have been restored over the course of the morning, however a small amount of users remain affected.

    We have been advised that work is still ongoing however there is no ETR as some resources have been diverted to an emergency issue at London Paddington following a fire in that exchange which has impacted priority services.

    Further updates will follow as more information becomes availiable.

  2. Marc Woolfenden says:

    This issue has now been confirmed resolved.

    Users who remain affected should power down their ADSL equipment for a period of 5 minutes in order to make a clean reconnection attempt. Any issues persisting beyond this should be reported to the Support Desk via the normal channels.

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