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Power at Telford

Posted: Friday, January 24th, 2014 at 17:01 by Neil Watson

Our services from Telford are currently running successfully on generator fed power following a local power incident affecting a number of properties in our area, Stafford Park Telford, that occurred at 15:51:56hrs. Our generators started and took the load at 15:52:13hrs. Between these times our UPS devices continued to supply to our data centres as expected. We await information from the mains supplier to ascertain when mains power will be restored. Until then, we continue to monitor the situation and will provide an update when it is available. In the meantime all services continue as normal but should be considered to be at risk.

  1. Neil Watson says:

    Our power utility company has now attended site and have advised that we may be subject to an extended period without mains power. They are currently working to replace high voltage equipment to restore service. We continue to run on generator power and services continue as normal, albeit at risk. We currently have no estimated time for the power to be restored, but will update with further information as soon as we have it.

  2. Steve Lalonde says:

    We have refuelled the generator twice now, each refill gives us 8-10 hours runtime.

    We have fuel onsite to last us more than 24 hours.

    Utility company are estimating we will be back on mains power later today.

    All our services are operating normally, we will update again once we have more detailed information.

  3. Steve Lalonde says:

    The power utility now have the replacement parts on site and are starting repair work.

    We have refuelled the generator again to give us a new 8-10 hour window, this will allow the engineers to work without us needing to get in their way.

    Current estimate is 5-6 hours work to get utility power restored.

  4. Steve Lalonde says:

    The power utility company has finished replacing the faulty parts, mains power has been restored to the building.

    The generator has completed its cool down cycle and has shut down.

    We have refuelled the both generators and they are now ready to take over again if needed.