Incident: Interxion Blade Failure

Posted: Wednesday, November 12th, 2014 at 08:41 by Gurinder Bansal

We are currently investigating what appears to be a blade failure within our router.

Further updates will be provided as and when they become available.

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  1. Richard Partridge says:

    Entanet engineers have been dispatched to Interxion with replacement hardware. We will update again once our engineers have arrived..

  2. Richard Partridge says:

    DSL customers affected by this incident are being re-routed however we’re receiving reports of packet loss. This is currently under investigation.

  3. Richard Partridge says:

    Further investigation has shown that DSL traffic is re-routing around the blade failure in Interxion. However, this is causing increased strain on equipment forming parts of the alternative paths currently being used to bypass the failed blade.

    Engineers are still en-route to Interxion with the aim of replacing the failed hardware, however we’re continuing to determine if there is anything that can be done in the meantime to alleviate the packet loss.

  4. Richard Partridge says:

    Engineers are still en-route and are expected to arrive on site shortly.

  5. Richard Partridge says:

    Our engineers have now arrived on site.

  6. Richard Partridge says:

    Work to replace the blade is currently ongoing.

  7. Richard Partridge says:

    The blade replacement hasn’t stabilised the issue, so we will be rebooting the Interxion core immediately.

  8. Richard Partridge says:

    Service appears to have been restored. We will be monitoring the situation closely.

  9. Richard Partridge says:

    An incident report on this event is currently being produced and will be made available as soon as possible.

  10. Neil Watson says:

    An incident report is now available and can be found here

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