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Incident: Glasgow PoP

Posted: Thursday, December 31st, 2015 at 04:15 by Gurinder Bansal

We are currently experiencing and issue at our Glasgow PoP. Engineers are investigating, further information to follow when available.

  1. Mark Yardley says:

    The cause of this incident has been identified as power loss to the location. However, power has now been restored and services provided by this location are again operational. Further investigation will be undertaken to identify the reason for power loss with our suppliers.

  2. Mark Yardley says:

    Power to this location has been lost again. We are still speaking to suppliers to investigate the cause.

  3. Mark Yardley says:

    Suppliers have now confirmed that there is a known power issue at this location and they currently have a specialist team on site to rectify the problem. Further updates will be provided as more information is available.

  4. Mark Yardley says:

    Our suppliers have advised that engineering work resolved the power issue earlier this morning.

Planned Maintenance:

Posted: Wednesday, December 23rd, 2015 at 14:46 by Ming-Yu Hsieh

Tuesday 12th Jan 2015 0:01 – 06:00

During the above window we will be adding additional capacity to the router as well as rebooting it for software upgrade.

There will be outages (up to approx 1 hour ) for users connected to the affected routers during this work.

Affected services are:

  • All customer interconnects ( Transit / EWCS / Wholesale handoff / Pseudowire ) terminating at

Traffic that would normally be routed through this equipment will be routed via alternate paths

  1. Ming-Yu Hsieh says:

    This is a reminder of the plan maintenance work on Tuesday 12th Jan 2015 0:01 – 06:00.

  2. Ming-Yu Hsieh says:

    This work is now complete.

Emergency Work: VoIP Platform

Posted: Thursday, December 10th, 2015 at 17:09 by Steve Lalonde

Friday 11 December 2015 00:00-06:00 GMT

Following on from this weeks VoIP platform issues we will be replacing the primary Database server.

We expect the work to take approximately 2 hours during which VoIP platform will be unavailable.

The back out plan will be to revert to the existing server.

  1. Ming-Yu Hsieh says:

    we are still working on the database server.

  2. Ming-Yu Hsieh says:

    This work is now complete.

Incident: VoIP Disruption

Posted: Tuesday, December 8th, 2015 at 14:10 by Ryan Berrisford

We are currently aware of a problem affecting calls on the VoIP platform.

Engineers are investigating the issue and further updates will be posted as they come available.

  1. Ryan Berrisford says:

    Service was restored to the affected customers shortly after the disruption.

    Post investigations have not identified any issues on the Entanet platform and therefore upstream providers have been engaged to help isolate the issue further.

    Updates will follow, as we receive them.

  2. Ryan Berrisford says:

    Our upstream providers have updated us to advise they did have problems with their database servers at the reported time. They have also advised they are carrying out a review of the issue for future improvements.

    We apologise for the inconvenience caused at the time.

Emergency maintenance: VOIP systems

Posted: Tuesday, December 8th, 2015 at 12:39 by David Derrick

Following on from Saturday’s disruption we have discovered a problem with the VOIP databases which are affecting calls for some customers. Attempts to gracefully recover have failed so we will have to briefly stop and restart the database. This may cause calls to drop. Downtime will be less than 60 seconds and is expected to happen at 12:45.

  1. David Derrick says:

    The database has restarted successfully.

  2. Adam Heath says:

    There seems to have been a continuation of the database issue we previously identified which may be causing issues with inbound calls and amendments to call forwards. We are investigating on our side and will provide further information when it becomes available.

  3. Adam Heath says:

    We have resolved the immediate database issue and services now appear to be working again. Further remedial work is required and will be scheduled in due course.

VoIP Disruption

Posted: Saturday, December 5th, 2015 at 16:08 by Gurinder Bansal

We are currently aware of an issue affecting some users of our VoIP platform. Engineers are investigating and a further update will be provided when available.

  1. Mark Yardley says:

    Engineers have now rectified the issue and can see calls are establishing normally. We will continue to monitor to ensure there are no further problems.

Planned maintenance:

Posted: Friday, December 4th, 2015 at 16:51 by David Derrick

Sunday 13 December 2015 01:00-02:00 GMT

During the above window we will be replacing the hardware for as part of a server refresh cycle. Downtime is expected to be less than five minutes but may be longer if we encounter problems. The back out plan will be to revert to the existing server.

  1. David Derrick says:

    This work has been postponed. We will post a new announcement when it has been rescheduled.