Incident: Vodafone Circuits

Posted: Wednesday, January 24th, 2018 at 17:09 by Adam Heath

We are currently seeing a number of Vodafone circuits a down. Initial diagnostics indicate the circuits are related to a single Vodafone handoff. Engineers are investigating and engaging with our supplier. Further updates will be provided when available.

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  1. Ryan Berrisford says:

    We have been advised by the Vodafone Network Operations Centre that the incident is potentially linked to a transmission card failure within the Vodafone network.

    Field engineers are being assigned and an estimated time of arrival will follow.

  2. Mark Yardley says:

    Vodafone have advised that the field engineer has been assigned and is on route with an ETA of 21:00.

  3. Mark Yardley says:

    The Vodafone engineer has now attended site and connectivity has been restored to the affected services. Vodafone have advised the issue has been cleared. We will continue to liaise with Vodafone for an RFO.

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