Incident: Vodafone Circuits

Posted: Tuesday, March 27th, 2018 at 00:42 by Adam Heath

We are aware of an issue currently affecting some Vodafone circuits.  This has been raised with the supplier who are currently investigating.  We’ll provide further information once it becomes available.

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  1. Adam Heath says:

    Vodafone have identified an issue and are in the process of dispatching engineering resource to the relevant location. Further updates will be available in due course.

  2. Jamie Smith says:

    Latest supplier update:

    Vodafone engineers have identified a fibre break and are engaging the relevant fibre team to site. Further updates will be available in due course.

  3. Jamie Smith says:

    We have been advised by our supplier that fibre engineers are due on site between 7.30 – 7.40am to begin working towards a fix.

    Further updates to be provided as and when they become available

  4. Adam Heath says:

    Vodafone have confirmed the incident is due to a multiple fibre break. They have engineers present on site and are currently exploring other suitable service options.

  5. David Brewis says:

    Service has been restored following a repair on the Vodafone fibre break and confirmation received at 10:33.

    We are liaising with Vodafone post incident and a full RFO will be provided.

  6. David Brewis says:

    An interim report can be found here, whilst we await a full RFO.

  7. David Brewis says:

    A full incident report can be found here.

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