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Incident: Vodafone Hub Outage

Posted: Monday, May 20th, 2019 at 03:33 by Adam Heath

Following on from a Vodafone maintenance our monitoring has alerted us to a number of Vodafone circuits that are currently out of service. Our initial diagnostics indicate that the circuits are related to a single handoff point between ourselves and Vodafone. Our engineers are investigating and are engaged with the supplier and further updates will be provided via this site.

We apologise to any customers that are impacted and want to reassure you that we are working to return full service as soon as possible.

  1. William George says:

    Vodafone have confirmed they see the issue and are in the process of arranging a resource to go to site to address it. Further updates will be provided as they are available.

  2. David Brewis says:

    Engineers from the supplier are already on site investigating cause for disruption to service and will update with their findings. As this progresses updates will be posted for your notice. Please expect the next update by 10:20.

  3. David Brewis says:

    Investigations from field engineers have identified an equipment fault, work has begun with hardware vendors to replace and resolve service as soon as possible.

    We apologise for the ongoing disruption whilst this incident progresses.

    Please expect the next update by 11:20

  4. David Brewis says:

    Following contact by Vodafone to their hardware vendor, a replacement component has been shipped to site with the expected arrival time of 11:00. We are awaiting confirmation of this delivery to begin works for replacement to restore service.

    Please expect the next update by 12:20.

  5. David Brewis says:

    The replacement unit has been installed and initial troubleshooting by Vodafone demonstrates the incident has been resolved.

    We are completing our own triage before confirming the engineer can leave site.

    Please expect a further update by 12:30.

  6. David Brewis says:

    We can confirm the handoff to Vodafone has returned to working service and the engineer stood down.

    If your service remains offline please contact the helpdesk following a reboot of your devices.

    We apologise for any disruption caused by this incident and will continue discussions with Vodafone for root cause analysis.