Incident: wolv6.core

Posted: Thursday, July 25th, 2019 at 12:15 by Gurinder Bansal

We have experienced a brief loss of connectivity to wolv6.core. Engineers are currently investigating and further information will be provided as and when it becomes available.

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  1. Richard Partridge says:

    This incident is still under investigation. Further information will be provided as and when it becomes available.

  2. This outage has been attributed to our third party supplier, we are still awaiting an update as to what caused the drop. We will try and provide further information by 16:30 today.

  3. We have experienced another brief loss of connectivity to wolv6.core. This will be investigated as part of the previous outage and updates provided as soon as we have information back from the third party supplier.

  4. Our supplier has identified a fibre disturbance on their network between Bristol & London. The signal degrade has cleared at this time & a full investigation is under way. We are awaiting further details to form a more detailed RFO.

  5. Upon escalation of this issue with our supplier we have not received a detailed explanation for this outage and therefore a sufficient RFO can not currently published. We have asked for further investigation and hope to receive a more detailed explanation in the coming days.

  6. Our provider has come back to say this blip was due to a 3rd party contractor working on some fibre in the same pit as ours and inadvertently knocked / bent the bundle were on causing signal loss momentarily. They sent out an engineer to make sure the fibre wasn’t damaged and have confirmed it wasn’t.

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