Posted: Tuesday, December 17th, 2019 at 11:13 by Iain Beveridge

We are currently experiencing intermittent loss of connectivity to the above device, some PWAN customers with equipment located within our suite in VeloxServ may have experienced a short outage. Remote hands at the DC are currently investigating and we will aim to provide an update shortly.

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  1. From the first drop at around 10:40 we have seen 2 subsequent drops. Upon initial investigation it does not appear to be an issue with the physical cabling causing a link loss. We are therefore going to perform an emergency reload of the switch stack to try and rectify the issue.

  2. The switch stack has now reloaded and connectivity should start to be restored. Engineers are monitoring closely and continuing to investigate a possible cause for the initial losses of connectivity.

  3. Connectivity has been lost again after the emergency reload. Work is continuing to try and bring back stability to the switch stack. We will provide further updates as they become available.

  4. Work is continuing, however the longest period of stability since the initial outage this morning has just been observed. Our engineers may have found the possible cause however we will continue to provide updates until we are certain the issue has been fully resolved.

  5. We now believe this incident to be resolved. Investigations are still ongoing as to the root cause, which may result in additional works being required. These works (if required) will be scheduled and conducted as per normal change process.

  6. Jamie Smith says:

    Between the hours of 17:00 – 18:00 we will be carrying out emergency works to restore resiliency to this device by re-introducing the uplinks back into an ether-channel. This work is non service affecting however all PWAN services and PWAN colocation in this location should be considered at risk for the duration of this window.

  7. Jamie Smith says:

    This work is now commencing

  8. Jamie Smith says:

    This work has now been completed.

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