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Incident: Vodafone leased lines

Posted: Tuesday, November 3rd, 2020 at 10:24 by david labouchardiere

We are currently aware of an incident affecting Vodafone leased lines. We are engaging with the supplier to investigate and further updates will be provided ASAP

  1. david labouchardiere says:

    The supplier is currently investigating the issue but confirm they are seeing their hardware at the affected hub as down. We will provide a further update in the next hour.

  2. david labouchardiere says:

    The supplier is still investigating this issue, they are now in the process of raising a field engineer to troubleshoot the affected hardware. We will provide a further update in the next hour

  3. david labouchardiere says:

    Engineer resources are en route to the affected POP with an ETA of 14:00

  4. david labouchardiere says:

    Engineer is now on site and investigations have begun

  5. david labouchardiere says:

    Supplier engineer is continuing to work on the issue with replacement parts expected to arrive on site at 15:30

  6. david labouchardiere says:

    We are seeing services coming back up following a reload of the affected hardware on site. Please ask any affected customers to power cycle their hardware on site if they continue to experience issues.