Power outage affecting London Interxion Suite (LON44)

Posted: Monday, February 8th, 2021 at 13:43 by Adam Heath

We are currently experiencing a major outage. This is under investigation and we will have an update for you as soon as we know anything further. Next update will be within the hour

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  1. mpurcell says:

    Initial reports are coming in that a power outage is causing this disruption. We appear to have lost a large amount of Edge devices. Engineers are on route to site.

    A further update will be made available within the hour.

  2. mpurcell says:

    Engineers are now on site and investigations have begun.

    Further updates within the hour

  3. mpurcell says:

    Engineers have reported power is now restored. We will now begin checking for service restoration.

  4. mpurcell says:

    Interxion Engineers are currently making their way around the suites in the datacentre, but as yet we have no ETA for when they will get to our equipment.

    We are chasing every 15 minutes for an update and once we have more information we will be in touch. Next update due in 1 hour.

  5. mpurcell says:

    This matter has been escalated to Datacentre Management and continue to chase for further updates. However, we are beginning to see power restoration to our suite as well as some services being restored.

    Further updates in 1 hour

  6. Jonathan Clarke says:

    Engineers remain at the Datacentre working to restore all power.

    We will have a further update in 1 hour.

  7. jbiddulph says:

    We are continually seeing more services restore, however, currently our engineers are still on-site working on restoring all services to the currently downed devices.

    A further update will be provided in 1 hour.

  8. Lucy Jordan says:

    PWAN services are now mostly restored. Please re-boot any services before contacting the Service Desk.

    However, there are a few stragglers that are still showing as down and further work is still ongoing to restore services for all customers.

    Further updates to follow.

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