Incident: CityFibre leased lines

Posted: Monday, February 15th, 2021 at 14:35 by david labouchardiere

We are currently investigating reports of connectivity issues affecting CityFibre leased lines in Scotland. Engineers are investigating and further updates will follow as and when they become available.

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  1. mpurcell says:

    Our engineering team reported a large number of MPLS tunnels showing as down. These have been re-established and believe that services should begin to be restoring.

  2. Neil Watson says:

    We are aware that some customers are still reporting that services have not been restored, as such we have further investigated the issue. We believe that we have identified the cause, which is related to MTU, and the teams are working to correct the issue now. Next update will be in approximately 1hr or sooner, when we believe the service will be restored.

  3. Neil Watson says:

    Our teams have now restored service for all impacted customers. The incident was related to MTU configuration within the core network, which has now been corrected. We do not anticipate a repeat of the incident and will undertake a review of the root cause. Apoligies to all customers that were affected.

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