Incident: Leased lines in Sheffield, Peterborough and Nottingham

Posted: Tuesday, September 15th, 2020 at 12:03 by david labouchardiere

We are aware of an issue affecting leased lines in and around Sheffied, Peterborough and Nottingham. Our networking team are currently investigating the issue and further updates will be provided as soon as possible.

6 Responses to “Incident: Leased lines in Sheffield, Peterborough and Nottingham”

  1. mpurcell says:

    Sheffield and Nottingham core routers are back online but we still have an issue in Peterborough. Engineers are being dispatched.

  2. mpurcell says:

    Engineers are expected on site at 1500

  3. mpurcell says:

    The Engineer is due to arrive on site imminently.

  4. mpurcell says:

    Engineer is now on site and investigations have begun

  5. mpurcell says:

    NOC have now gained access to the core router and have begun troubleshooting the issue.

    Further updates to be published at 1730

  6. mpurcell says:

    Services have been restored. A reboot was required which has resulted in the data necessary to carry out further root cause analysis to be lost. A reboot in this instance was the last available option in order for us to restore service.

    Due to this we will continue to monitor for the next 48hours.

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