Emergency Joints Works Leeds Area

Posted: Sunday, July 2nd, 2023 at 16:55 by Dan Gluch

Saturday 1st July 00:01am – Tuesday 4th July 23:59:59pm

CityFibre are aware that some customers may be experiencing an unexpected service outage in the Leeds area. Please be aware that there are currently significant planned works ongoing in the area (Reference CHG0078467) between 00:01 on Saturday the 1st of July and 23:59 on the Tuesday the 4th of July. These works are required to address at risk infrastructure to reduce the likelihood of future unexpected service outages and to provide additional capacity.

We have endeavoured to issue advance notice to all customers. In the event you experience a service outage in the area between these times, please check change notifications prior to contacting our Technical Service Centre. Should you not have been notified and are experiencing an unexpected service outage, we apologise for this and ask that you notify our TSC of your service details in order to determine whether related to the works or a coincidental fault.

Current status as of 16:00 02/07/2023: 

Our field Teams have completed splicing activity in two of the three locations. Works are ongoing in the last location and additional teams are attending field splitters for testing with remote support from our TSC. It is not possible to provide specific timings or estimated times of customer restoration at this time however we anticipate that the majority of services will be restored by lunchtime Monday 03/07/2023. We ask that any customers who remain down at that time complete reboots of their equipment before contacting the TSC. Any services still down beyond that time will be investigated by our field team with the support of our ERS partner and TSC.

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