Incident – SKY Leased lined Outage

Posted: Thursday, October 29th, 2020 at 02:45 by jbiddulph

Good Morning.

We are currently seeing a large number of SKY leased line circuits offline. At this moment in time, this is under investigation and we are currently in correspondence with suppliers for diagnostics.

Further updates will be provided when available.

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  1. jbiddulph says:

    Good Morning.

    The majority of the circuits appear to now be restored.

    Investigations are currently still underway to identify the cause of this outage.

    Further updates will follow when available.

  2. jbiddulph says:

    Good Morning.

    We have had confirmation from the supplier that this was part of a maintenance change on the SKY side of an ENNI. All services on this ENNI were unexpectedly taken offline as a result.

    We are now pushing for the specific details and RFO for the unplanned outage.

    Further updates will follow when available.

  3. jbiddulph says:

    Good Morning.

    The supplier has confirmed the outage that took place was due to the movement of circuits on their side to a Device Card. This was to enable further services for their hardware, but unfortunately due to the lack of awareness made to ourselves, this was an unexpected outage.

    We have full confirmation that all services involved are now back online and restored.

    If you have any services that you believe to be related to this, please fully re-boot the service and re-test the service. If you are having continued issues after this, please contact the Technical Support Department.

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