Emergency Work: Peterborough TE

Posted: Thursday, March 25th, 2021 at 12:33 by Adam Heath

Friday 26th March 2021 00:01 – Friday 26th March 2021 03:00

Rescheduled from original window of Thursday 25th March 2021 00:01 – Thursday 25th March 2021 03:00

After recently replacing the above router on Tuesday 23rd February 2021 we have identified a need to reload the new equipment as we have an issue with an onboard 10gb port. The reload was recommended after raising a TAC case with hardware vendor support.

The work will take place during the above window and will effect all users connected to PB1244. We do not anticipate downtime for the entire window. We apologise for the inconvenience these planned works will cause and we have exhausted all other possibilities before taking this customer impacting action.


2 Responses to “Emergency Work: Peterborough TE”

  1. Adam Wilson says:

    Work is about to commence.

  2. Adam Wilson says:

    This work is now complete.

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